Friday, April 15, 2011

A dirty word called Politics

New Delhi has discovered an ingenious way to cope with its bursting-at-seams population.  It keeps unleashing anew deadly bacteria every few months to tackle this menace. The newest kid on the block is the NDM–I gene. British scientists have recently claimed the presence of the deadly New Delhi Metallo gene in the city’s drinking water supply.  This is no faltu gene, but a superbug that makes bacteria resistant to even the strongest antibiotics.  Once you get infected, your only hope will be almighty’s benevolence, whichever way that takes you.  The Delhi government is not too perturbed though and is tackling this menace the only way it can – by making an official statement “we have not seen it, therefore it does not exist”.  I guess ‘superbug’ conjured images of little green things with their undies worn outside that Ms Dixit was unable to behold through her ageing eyes.  These overzealous Brits, I tell you, they have nothing better to do and are now training their sights on Sheila ki Dilli.  Of course, we know our denizens are used to much worse – live worms, dead worms and sewage in our tap water – what’s a teensy weensy bug claiming to be super!  And if Delhites can’t drink water they can always drink beer!  Ms Dixit will soon be seen on life sized hoardings, holding her beer mug, flashing her dentures and saying Yehi hai right choice baby!  

In politics you become an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, bugged or otherwise.

Delhites may have become inured to politicians and their bakwas but all hell can break loose when godmen, known to pontificate on spirituality, start talking instead about matters political.  And who knows it better than Baba Ramdev when he faced the wrath of one of his followers who sent him hurtling to the exclusive shoe club, one that boasts of such stalwarts as George W Bush and P Chidambaram.
Mitu Singh Rathore, a paramilitary forces soldier, had taken leave to travel to Nagpur to listen to Ramdev’s yoga discourse and got to hear an unnecessary speech on politics instead.  Things came to such a point that Rathore opened his boots and hurled the pair towards the guru.  Baba promptly folded himself in half to avoid impact.  Perhaps this was Rathore’s humble contribution to the Yoga guru’s otherwise shirtless- shoeless wardrobe.  And if Ramdev continues to regale his unwitting disciples with unwanted political discourse, who knows he may end up with a collection larger than Imelda Marcos’s.  

Pranayam and Politics do not mix well.

As a subject, Politics does have a reputation for being the least fascinating of subjects. A British teen yawned so deeply during a class on the topic that her mouth got stuck wide open and she couldn’t close it however hard she tried.  It was later discovered that she had dislocated her jaw. 

Students should give serious thought to recording such political discourses and marketing them as lullabies for insomniacs worldwide.

Politics may be yawn-worthy as a subject but once you step into the murky world of Indian politics, you are granted the boon of eternal youth.  At 82 you are still nursing your Prime Ministerial dreams and at 87 you are still at the peak of your youth.  So imagine the shock when a 40-year old chubby lad, a baby by our national standards, remarks that you are too old to contest the elections!  Understandably Kerala’s CM is bristling with rage at still-in-diapers-Rahul Gandhi’s remark about his senility and has shot back, calling him an Amul Baby.   Is Achutananda taking his name a tad too seriously? But Shashi Tharoor, once famous for travelling cattle class in solidarity with Holy cows, has given a thumbs up, declaring Amul babies fit and strong.

I’ll raise a toast with my glass of Amul milk to that.  Did I hear a moo of approval from the holy cows?

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  1. Ha, ha...words jump out and hit where they are supposed to.
    Baba and baby have caught my fancy too.

  2. So much happened over a week in the World of Politics. Looks like every1 decided to get down and dirty at the same time. Maybe its the summer getting to them. (Baba Ramdev can't tolerate the heat with all that hair he's sporting).

  3. i just saw "no comments yet";;;letme do the honors today but i will be late again i know.

    Politiks...the best thing i can say is when i passed out my 12th class i joined DU for a honours in political science with UPSE in my dreams for "the family" and the subject topic is so interesting that i ended up doing "Bachelors in Architecture" by the end of year 2.

    ha ha ...
    jokes apart.
    India our nation really needs a political "renovation and interior decoration"...maybe not in ideologies but she needs to avoid her 70+ or 80+ CMs AND PMs. we need a image building quick if not much about progress we should get to hear about a savy and "jhatkhas" primeminister like the ones they have in "ITALY" scam for "interesting topics" rather than the same "fodder","cow""milk""egg".......
    and omg i can imagine baba ramdev as our minister or PM ..bhaisaab will be atleast good in avoiding the flashbulbs during one of those CBI raids by just "TWISTING HIS BODY" LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)

  4. nice one purba..heady mix of superbugs, yoga and buttered is tough to find humor in the pathetic state of our politics, but you have succeeded hugely

  5. "Pranayam and Politics do not mix well"

    And why not?? So does someone need to get a license from someone on what to talk about??

    I am sick and tired of this holier than thou Conceit of the Urban masses! Totally rudderless, no spine.. no work against any crime... and yet they have the gall to pull up someone who gets every morning to spread health and awareness to people's rights in every nook and corner.

    Amazingly ironical situation, huh!! The educated don't do a shit.. those who want to are ridiculed or told they can't by those who WON'T.. so those who f*** the country up are the only ones doing anything.. as is their wont!

    The work that Ramdev has done in the rural areas is unparalleled in recent times.

    Its obvious that the educated classes don't like to have a straight spine - physically or figuratively - so there is a place for people like Ramdev to keep trying in any case!

  6. ha ha ...this post is quite a spicy tangy jhalmuri Purba ..

    that jaw dropping err..jaw displacement was hilarious :)

    Once i watched Baba's chat with Koel Puri on the red couch , that was even better than him talking paulitiks..he was talking about gay issues :)

  7. Enjoyed reading it, Purba!! The yawn reminded me of Joe Biden, napping during Obama's speech.

  8. gr8 post as always...
    sweet...tangy...and spicy...

  9. hahaha..cheers to all the cows! 'In politics you become an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, bugged or otherwise'. so true..wonderful write up!


  10. Amul babies are fit and strong.. like a well bred domestic pig. But are they capable?

  11. nice blog with the story.

  12. i do not know about the Amul Baby being fit and strong but i do know that people suffering with arthritis, high bp and diabetes will be leading the country directly to the grave

  13. I remember an American friend describing the White House to me - "The only thing white is the house".:)

    Guess politics is perceived the same way the world over. It's funny that 99% of all the adults in this great country are honest, capable and hard working and yet they vote for the other 1% who then lords over the former.

    Politics in spite of being the last refute of the scoundrel, is definitely a very lucrative profession.

    Dirty? I think the only thing dirty about politics is the number of zeros in the politician's bank balance.

    As always, nice read, Purba :)

  14. I agree with you that yoga gurus and other spiritual leaders are better away from politics. We can't handle two murky things at one go on one platform!

  15. Alka...Of buttered barbs and lauki juice.

    Pzes...Achutananda is on a name calling spree - first he anoints Rahul Gandhi with the title Amul Baby and then it's AK Antony as Kumbhakarna!

    RK...The irony of a youthful country being led by a bunch of old fogies.

  16. menon...Glad it made you smile.

    Desh...The spineless urban class? And what are you pretending to be - a hardworking son of the soil! It's time you channelized all this ranting to something constructive.

    Just spewing venom doesn't solve problems.

    Sangeeta...Damn, I should have watched that episode for inspiration.

  17. Giribala...Most of our MP's utilize the parliamentary session for their beauty naps! Unless until they are required to hurl tables and chairs at each other.

    Sub...Glad you liked the taste :)

    Rajashree...Aww thanks.

    subtlesubscriber...It's an effective strategy and works wonderfully.

  18. Raghu...:))

    Harish...Until we give them a chance, how will we know?

    chhabi...thank you.

    Pereception...Well said and it's time we changed it.

  19. R-A-J...It's a tricky situation. We prefer to stay away from the murkiness of politics yet bemoan the lack of dedicated and honest leaders. And this 1% continues to take advantage of our reluctance.

    Zephyr...We need more shoes to knock some sense into them :))

  20. If shoes can knock sense into our politicians then at least the ones who got the gift would have been changed a bit.
    These politicians are never gonna change as they know we're not changing. U wrote the post, we all appreciated and will remain silent n forget these in some days.
    If we really need change, we need to change ourselves. We need to strengthen our thoughts to put it in the public and stand against this dirty politics.
    But this is in the end ... jst a thought.
    Nice post again. I love to read you.

  21. Lolzzzzzzzzzz

    Purba, It looks like even RDB (oops I mean to say RAM DEV BABA) is plaaning to float a party of hi sown and thats the reason he is preparing the platform!!!



  22. I sometimes wonder what do these politicians eat to stay 'young' till 82 ... the word politics itself makes my mind go numb ... maybe the fragrance of money is the reason behind theur long youth :P
    awesome post again... i love your sarcasm :D

  23. We may want to change it but there are no politicians or candidates less than 65..Rahul is going to become PM sometime in future might as well become one now when he is young.

  24. anyone and who ever wears that KHADI is not be trusted and especially the ones who wear ORANGE khadi followed by the WHITES

    I have always maintained that and it has come out again especially after the FAST taken my anna hazaare all the muck has come out again ..

    but I like the wya u wrote this dont know what to say Rahul gandhi will be the next PM for sure we all know that even if the only credential he has is that he is a son of a Slain PM. but thats how india works..
    throwing the shoe is not good , its time to throw something bigger then a shoe so the DEAF EARS CAN HEAR WHAT WE citizens have to say ...


  25. Perhaps Babaji should know the core philosophy... yog ke saath bhog kaise karoge?

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  26. for someone who never cared about politics... reading this... your view is very interesting.

  27. Hahahaha...poor British teen :) I was the odd one in my class back in school day, never yawned about Politics!

  28. Priya...Agree when you say, change should begin with us. We cannot continue to be mere spectators.

    Bhupesh...So I've read.

    Rajlakshmi...Power is the greatest aphrodisiac.

  29. Perception...We do have the young brigade - Agatha Sangma, Sachin Pilot, Kumari Shailja to name a few. The old brigade should be there to guide their protegees (and not just their progeny).

    Bikramjeet - In India dynasty politics is alive and kicking - but is anyone protesting?

    Anshul...LOL @ yog ke saath bhog!

  30. Emmy...The young should start caring about how their country is being government.

    Siddhartha...Your teacher must have been really proud of you.

  31. That was a fun read as a always! Our politicians are master conspirators, now they have laid a master plan to destroy Anna Hazaare's fan following....they are distributing CD's!

    Purba, because of your popularity and your hate affair with the politicians they will soon be behind you - BEWARE!! :)

    As your PR agent how about this title suggestion for your future book "Dilli Ki Kahani Purba Ki Zubani!" :)))))))

  32. Purba,

    Witticism apart, this makes one wonder how best can we do something to change what is going on by other than just throwing shoes. Only solution which presently comes to my mind is making voter aware of his or her duty to elect right person instead of just casting vote on religion or region biases.

    Take care

  33. Purba - Well.. I was positing your (and others') gumption here to trash Baba Ramdev. So, its not Me vs You.. its You vs Ramdev.

    What have you EVER done - on anyone here on this thread that you can say you have CONTRIBUTED to the society even an IOTA of what that guy has given?

    And don't give rhetoric here... be SPECIFIC.. and be clear.

    You and others here have nothing to offer.. nothing to change.. and no constructive insight to offer on how to improve what is wrong... but have enough gall to keep trashing anyone and everyone who keeps adding value.

    I am challenging you and others to lay out the FOUNDATIONAL elements behind the Superiority that you portray here by your rhetoric.

    Explain clearly - Why aren't you the Spineless Urban elitists who scoff at someone who speaks in Hindi and gives free Yoga lessons and health education as well as awaken their sense of citizenship by pointing to the mess that is there in the country??

  34. One more thing - its time that people get a some sense of what Spirituality and Yoga even means.

    Yoga and Spirituality has NOTHING to do asceticism or living in penury. Rather the opposite - to live life to its fullest and engage with every aspect of it.

    The story goes that Buddha tried every school of spirituality and went to folks who starved him almost to death.. During that time, he had garnered a lot of followers impressed by his sacrifice. In the end, he was living on often one grain of rice in days. Then he saw how useless it all was.. neither was he reaching his destination nor was he able to live.. when he was totally hopeless... that night he attained to the highest. The first thing he did after realization was to have a hearty meal and enjoy it fully! Seeing that, all those who had gathered around him ran away thinking he had become mad.

    SO, such lunacy and erratic view of spiritual process is not unique to people on this thread. They have a closed view which is based on hearsay and articles by those who themselves know nothing!

    So, its like one Lunatic feeding another... in a chain of lunatic scholarship on a subject that they all have no freaking idea about - because they never were interested in it (except to trash it.. without knowing it of course) and never had the focus to understand even the basics.

    Spiritual person engages with life to the fullest in every dimension it is offered to him. Whether it was Krishna or Guru Gobind Singh or Vivekananda or Tagore or whoever.. the ability and focus to work in the moment and FOR what is the correct response to the situation on hand. They all enjoyed every area of life... engaged in the political activities (as they were as much a part of the society as others were) and attained or at least aimed for the highest in spirituality!

  35. Nice share . My first visit and first read . A challenging and ever new topic to share upon . Need to read it again.

  36. Anto...Why not Dilli ki kahani Dilli ki zubaani - a city that was destroyed and rebuilt seven times.

    Jack...I usually vote for the party rather than the individual - not sure whether it's right thing to do.

    Desh...I do not have the energy and time to engage in a war of words with you - its futile arguing with a person devoid of a sense of humor.

    Karan...Thanks for the visit.

  37. lol! that was a brilliant statement on the politicians of our country!
    loved it!

  38. @Desh nobody is answerable to you unless you present your credentials.

  39. Haha, don't know about politics but I sure will have a dislocation of the jaw laughing!

  40. Haha...nice one. You know what. Start publishing your own newspaper. Those who understand satire and sarcasm, will love it.
    The others have been and will keep on ranting.

    @Desh: Who are you and why should anyone be answerable to you?

  41. Another great one Purba. But the moment I read the Baba Ramdev comment, I was like...ooops she's treading toward dangerous territory now-and sure enough you did get some heated responses. But am glad that most people did understand your point of view- there's hope!

  42. Ha..election times...I miss them here..Whatever it is,only in India you can hear,"Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo,tab tak rahege bihar mein laloo"...Giggling about the Amul baby part..

  43. Now few things:-
    1. An army man got a well earned leave (now there has been recent news that we all heard day by day about disgruntled and overworked jawans shooting down its superiors because leave was not granted) (such leaves granted can be revoked in sudden emergency) travel all the way to cleanse its mind (you call it blind faith or what) and body to attend certain yoga guru (no harm in that ..His wish..His travel expenses..His time) but all he get was an uncomfortable discourse on politics (please try to understand the discourse may also be happening in a hot open to sky maidan..).so itsnt the reaction justified from the poor jawan’s view why waste people’s time if politics is all that he is going to talk rather than spreading health and awareness .good that the jawan was not carrying his gun and good that he wasnot that stressed out.
    2. Now the point 1 has been reported by a journalist Ashish Sinha. So was it Ashish Sinha VS Ramdev.its journalism. Reporting facts so that we people read and are aware of what is happening round the country. Then what difference has this article done. It is re-presenting this story in a different plate. So this is also journalism. It’s like times and hindustantimes carrying the same story. So why blame the journalist in this case. In that case we will have dead or beaten journalist everyday.
    3. and
    Baba Ramdev’s tryst with Politics is nothing new. His political aspirations are very clear so he is using the yoga platform to reach out to the masses. Smart advertising and marketing medium without much expenses and overheads. People who go there should better decide what they expect and what they will be getting.
    4. He is no saint. He is no deaf .he is no dumb. But a smart businessman who can even fund a political party. Let we not even compare him to somebody like Tagore or Guru Gobind singh or Gautama Buddha. It will be an insult.
    5. Rural or Urban India or abroad he is known to all first because of his mass yoga discourse and which is well appreciated no doubt .The media capitalize on the same with its live telecast of the same discourses. The baba also gets its returns so is publicity (how does one explains the sprawling ashrams all over india). Publicity also brings in power and an urge to go to the next level. He after all is human .But Baba Shouldnot forget his first discourse that is Yoga because of which people go to him. If politics is all the mass is going to get then they may well sit at home and view Loksabha channel in DD.Nearer and no expenses.
    6. I as a working middle class did my duites and delivers to my clients and rightfully earned my money.i paid taxes to the government. I first help myself (self as the basic unit of society) and then Iassist the government (by paying taxes and by participating in elections to elect a rightfull representative). Now from here the tax money goes maximum to the pockets of this politicians (I think everyone will agree ) cheating our sweat and labor.Why Baba wants to become someone like this I have little brain to understand. He doesn’t need to talk politics or enter politics to reform society. all he has to do is to continue on his good work of spreading health and happiness through Yoga.
    7. Ok thank you.lets not throw mud because there is lots of mud lying near my house too because of the recent digging by MCD and Jal board.

  44. We might get tired hearing about the dirty politics played by our politicians but we shall never say no to your "humorous (and sarcastic)" posts on them. And about the politics itself, I shall follow the famous "no comments" rule. Amul baby or not, he is not even half the man, a man should be. :P

  45. I am hoping this comment will be published and not deleted like last time, but can't say if the thrill of "winning" an argument by deleting is greater than actually "thinking" and engaging logically or not. anyways.. for whatever its worth..

    Snow Leopard/Magiceye: No one is answerable to me. But since public statements were made... I am asking those who make it to at least explain what they are saying. Unless of course, everyone is in the business of juvenile banter or kitty-party gossip, which of course doesn't require much intelligence anyways.

    So, here is a guy.. who is a citizen of India... who took it upon himself to teach people Yoga. He makes women, old men, young and middle age get up early and exert themselves on a mat in not 100s but in crores day in and day out.

    He also sees that something is amiss as far as this country's polity is concerned. So, he goes out - has someone more conversant - Rajeev Dixit (an ex-scientist) - come in and discuss in more detail, about what is wrong.

    Ramdev has a platform and an audience which needs to be awakened in terms of how they are being screwed.

    So what is his disqualification, if one were to go with the objections here - the writer's and the commenters?

    - he is into "spirituality" so no he should just shut up and do yoga. (as if there is a law against talking about how laws are being broken.. how the nation is being denuded)
    - He shouldn't use that time to discuss politics (did anyone here pay for sending that crowd in there? Did someone PAY to go to his Yoga camp? Was someone FORCED to go there?)

    The Rathore guy - loser as he is - had a simple solution.. LEAVE! No one called him.. neither did he pay for coming there. If you cannot take care of your time.. then just get the heck out!

    And, just to set the record straight, Ramdev is at the least giving away useful information.. backed by records and facts - as he gave about the banks and money stashed in the Swiss Banks - which was produced by an ex-IRS officer incharge of VRS scheme! So, he gets those who know about the issue far more than Johnny-ban-gaya-blogger-and-commenter!

    So, comes the retort - why should be be in politics? POlitics is not something that we HAVE to preserve for the corrupt. If someone thinks that he can contribute .. why NOT!

    I have yet to get a SINGLE sensible argument about why Ramdev doesn't have the right to speak about the ills of the country that every Tom-Dick and Harry has... except... that "he cannot"!

    Those who value sarcasm and.. was it humor? - however shallow and fact-less/logic-less it is - shouldn't get all worked up about heavy issues of the nation's ills..

    just keep to your juvenile banter.. and maybe choose topics like Britney Spears.. she's suit you just fine!

  46. Mr. Roy:

    That spirituality and politics don't meet was the contention of the writer ("Pranayam and Politics do not mix well") and the various comments here.

    By reminding everyone of Tagore, Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh, I was merely showing the shallowness of their remark.

    And, one last thing, the reason why you have "respect" for Vivekananda is ONLY because your grandmother said so... because if he was here.. and said what he said then.. then you would have been the first one to cast a stone at him.

    That you don't realize it, is because you have neither read him nor understood him!

  47. Criminals, selfish and corrupt leaders coming in politics, should we make them way to rule India. Science of wise men is dangerous than barking dogs. I invite social reformers, honest teachers, yogis and professors to lead India. We are all saying politics are dirty. But politics is only the main platform to serve country and save public money. But unfortunately we are electing criminals and corrupt leaders and losing money and property of India.

  48. magiceye..Not everyone seems to agree :))

    Prats...I better start posting my write-ups with a Statutory Warning (just in case....)

    Confusedyuppie....Thankfully most did, except a lone individual and the heat is still on.

  49. Blue Lotus...Elections are back and the daggers are out! But I am definitely looking for a change in West Bengal. It's time we moved on from Dada to Didi.

    Nethra...He is the rare gentleman in the world of Politics.

    Desh...I am willing to accept criticism but not when it is expressed in such an obnoxious manner. My eyes glaze over at the sight of your marathon comments. And since you have perched yourself firmly on your high horse and decided you know best - why burst the bubble?

    the reason why you have "respect" for Vivekananda is ONLY because your grandmother said so... because if he was here.. and said what he said then.. then you would have been the first one to cast a stone at him.

    Is a sterling example of your presumptuousness.

  50. Ram Mohan....I couldn't agree more. Our couldn't-care-less-attitude is giving a free run to the corrupt and the vile.

  51. To the Patriotic Mr Desh,

    Unless of course, everyone is in the business of juvenile banter or kitty-party gossip, which of course doesn't require much intelligence anyways.

    Hmmm...yes, yes. We the gossip mongrels. Bird Brained bloggers. Oh please enlighten us, o Rakhi Sawant of the Blog World. O attention seeking, roof top shouting sage. Enlighten us with our light of wisdom.

    Reason why you have "respect" for Vivekananda is ONLY because your grandmother said because you have neither read him nor understood him! you are also the know it all who has read all literature. And what about the rest of us...oh wait...we are the Gossip Gang.

    And true Patriot Guy. I guess that is why you left the nation. Because you wanted to serve the nation and preserve its culture by keeping yourself out. Kudos to you and a Bharat Ratna. You are right. We are worthless. We never left the nation. We are spending and will spend the whole of our life serving this nation. We live for it, we die for it. We fight with the municipal corporation to get the sewers fixed and the roads cleaned. We volunteer to teach at NGOs. But what have we done. Nothing. It is NRIs like you who are the real champions of India. We are just a spineless urban class.

  52. aaah that explains it - mr desh is an nri! no wonder he has never grown up!
    would be futile to expect any mature conversation or reasoning.
    open and shut case!
    we shall not be drawn into any more worthless puerile banter.

  53. So i presume gossip gangs have no right to talk about yoga gangs? How funny! This is a public platform and i do sincerely hope people like Desh ( such am ironical name for videshi;) declare what they ever did for the nation. Don't talk abt Ramdev, do tell us what is your contribution towards the Indian society, other than useless comments here?:P

  54. Dear Mr Desh
    good day
    (sorry purba for taking too much of your blog space )
    I believe by your words that you seem to be a man well learned and well informed and i admire the way you try to hard hit your stand home but fortunately or unfortunately our parents have also educated us to think and talk logically.
    But sir if you read my earlier write ins all i opine was that it maynot be correct to opine (as you have written) " Purba - Well.. I was positing your (and others') gumption here to trash Baba Ramdev. So, its not Me vs You.. its You vs Ramdev.". kindly read my point 2 where this argument seems to go a bit out of context.its a journal where the journalist brings out a fact that have happened in some part of our country for us. so you blame the journalist for and i may like baba ramdev but not necessary everyone . why force it upon.
    I proudly say that i personally in my small thinking enjoyed the article and the author has presented it quite well. Dont you think so ...else our thinking and arguing neurons wouldnt have got tickled.??
    now do i need to talk about my grandmother talking about vivekananda or Netaji aha no . not here .i didnt say that .all i say is the platform cannot be the same to put this great man of history with baba ramdev. i dont agree .
    let us not travel newyork to reach gurgaon from delhi....
    do we need to talk further . lets end the matter here and wait for another Purba's article.

    till then

  55. Hi Purba!
    Wow the heat is on!
    Anyway, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at

    Love your blog!And now I'm waiting to read your random facts!

  56. Oh My My- We have a visitor who has a rather loud mouth I see. Okie Mr. Desh, so by having a pseudo India name you are expressing your patriotism for Baba Ramdev?
    Let me help others understand your take.

    Dear fellow bloggers this (un)gentleman we have amongst us blogs @ drishtikone
    ( perspective) and the way he tries to share and show it others by taking an offensive approach?

    This means we have the (un)fortune of knowing an ardent follower of Ramdev, who preaches Baba's teachings, work etc but doesn't practice. Doesn't look like a guy who does yoga either else it would have helped him manage the bubbling steam in his damn head.

    He lacks basic understanding that what he follows we don't. His beliefs and our differs.
    Living abroad he has forgotten How we talk about anyone- whether its witty, cynical, its our take and whim!

    Mr. Desh has not yet discovered the funny bone in his body so we all should feel sorry for him and ignore his blabber.

    @ Mr. Desh- See, it was simple! all of us understood your state of mind which is irrational and imbalanced! you are a classic case of an Egatuder ( definition- someone who has usless and direction-less ego and attitude)

    I tell you what go o talk to Ramdev and ask him to give you some tips to attain a peaceful mind. That might do you some good! and Next time you come around to criticize check your tone, don't get into accusations or questioning who can or cannot say/speak their mind

  57. Haha this was really refreshing, and really necessary!

  58. 1. In today's global world, where location has lost all meaning, its nice to know that there still are some stone-agers going around who can't get much further than a person's address. If you have nothing much to say, address is surely a cute argument.

    2. Mr. Roy, if you can come out of your Vivekananda-was-great-and-Ramdev-is-Not syndrome and see why the name of Vivekananda was brought in in the first place.. you will get more out of this. About Vivekananda - he asserted as much superiority of Hinduism as any "Hindu Right Winger" does today from the Saffron Brigade. If he had been alive today and saying what he said then.. he would have been flayed as much, probably worse! And, neither Tagore nor Vivekananda ever shied from making Political statements and Spiritual discourses/articulation in their own way. So, Spirituality and Politics HAS existed together in one person from times immemorial! That people on this thread have not grasped it is a telling statement on their own knowledge or lack thereof!

    3. Delhizen - One, I don't give two hoots for irrational patriotism.. and second, if you could get over me and my personality traits.. and make some point for a change "ON THE SUBJECT"... it would help understand what troubles you so much!

  59. @ Desh Get a are not able to get this message clear from all of us ' WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT' you refer to or care about one
    of the many BABAS who sit on a self proclaimed high throne here... He has his followers, he has listeners who spare time for him- WE ARE NOT those and our entitled to our viewpoints... who gives you the right to challenge it?

    If you can yak and Ramdev can talk endlessly on every thing he wishes to- what on Earth makes you think we are on the wrong foot and can't do the same? India is no China that you can come dictate what we are supposed to belief, follow and think on a particular subject. PERIOD

    Maybe you forgot a simple funda of life- to make others listen talk slowly, patiently, positively. When you shout and lose audience- which you have!

  60. poor baba ramdev.i hope he is reading this.he can come and hug his long lost half brother baba desh.btw well written topic.i have been reading A- musings ever since a silly fren of mine referred and enjoying every moment.the comments and controversies suggested job well done.

  61. and please dont come after me.i surrender .took back my word.

  62. Jai Baba! Pranayama indeed helped him avoid the incoming missile by quickly twisting and defying gravity :P

    Rahul is lucky chap @ 40 instead of facing mid life crisis he is still Amul baby of the nation! :D

  63. Arti...:D


    Anonymous...Is the friend silly because he/she suggested A-musing : :p And so glad you enjoy the blog.

    Lakshmi...And now I have a Ramdev fanatic gunning for my life :))

  64. Poor baba Ramdev. Why did he have to talk about things which make people go crazy in an already mad world.
    I get good sleep. I don't think I need a soporific political sermon!

  65. Dear lord Purba! You have the Ghost writer of KRK (Desh Drohi Fame)tracking you :D The movie and the comments are ekdum matching matching in sentiment and intelligence. Ask not what your blog does for you, ask what you do for your blog....wait was it the country...? Damn I lost the plot! :D


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